Do Pet Hedgehogs Stink?

Do pet hedgehogs poop a lot?

Hedgehogs poop a lot.

They poop all the time.

Young hedgies are quite fond of pooping while doing their chores like while roaming around or playing on their wheel.

But, as they grow older, they tend to hold much better and can be trained to litter in the right areas..

Why does my hedgehogs poop smell so bad?

It’s likely nothing to panic about, but it’s usually smart to bring them to the vet just to be sure. The other common cause of a stinky hedgehog is a bad diet. Nutritional deficiencies and overly fatty foods can both make a big impact on how bad their feces smells.

Do hedgehogs smell like hamsters?

Hedgehogs themselves are naturally not smelly animals, and give off less of a scent than a hamster or guinea pig, for example. Any odors will be primarily caused by: Feces in the cage. Urine in the cage.

How do you keep a hedgehog cage from smelling?

To help keep the cage clean and smelling fresh, daily spot cleaning of feces, soiled bedding, and uneaten food items is recommended. Add fresh bedding as needed. If your hedgehog will use a litter pan this makes daily spot cleaning even easier.

Will a pet hedgehog poke you?

Thick skinned – hedgehogs are prickly and they can poke you! This is something you can learn but hedgies are certainly not for you if you are afraid of getting spiked or bit. Gentle – you must be gentle with hedgehogs if they are going to trust you.

Why is my hedgehog hissing at me?

The hissing and jumping is a defensive behavior because the hedgie is scared, not an aggressive one. It’s not uncommon for a hedgie to do when they are in a new environment and overwhelmed with all the new changes, it just means that the hedgie is scared and that is how they display that.

Is it OK to wake up a hedgehog?

Most here usually wake their hedgies up in the evening (usually around 7-8pm) for socializing time. They will dim their lights as well. However, it is ok to wake your hedgie up during the day ONLY if you allow him to sleep WITH you.

Do hedgehogs bite?

Hedgehogs have flat teeth similar to human teeth. Because hedgehogs are not rodents they do not have sharp gnawing teeth like hamsters, mice, rats, or rabbits. A hedgehog nip tends to be more of a pressure pinch than a puncture although, depending on where they latch, it is possible to break skin.

Do hedgehogs make good pets?

Pet hedgehogs are quiet, active, entertaining, and require a lot of care. They make great companion pets, however, as nocturnal animals, you will need to feed and care for them in the evening hours.

Is it better to get a female or male hedgehog?

For many species, males are more aggressive than females. Because of this, females are typically viewed as more desirable pets than males. This tendency, however, is not true of hedgehogs. Male and female hedgehogs show no consisten temperament difference in how they react toward humans.

Can I leave my hedgehog alone for a week?

You really REALLY should not leave your hedgehog alone for even a day, let alone a week.

Do hedgehogs need baths?

Hedgehogs are generally clean pets, but they sometimes require a bath. It’s fairly easy to bathe your hedgehog with the right equipment and a little patience. Draw a bath with warm water and add some shampoo. Gently wash your hedgehog until it’s clean.