Question: How Do I Get Streaks Off My Computer Screen?

How do I get streaks off my screen?

Fill the spray bottle with distilled water.

Spray your microfiber cloth (not the screen).

Gently wipe the screen in a circular motion with the cloth until the screen is clean and dry.

There should not be any streaks if you did everything right.

How do you safely clean a computer screen?

Use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth, preferably the micro-fiber cleaning cloth that may have come with your TV or monitor. Use a solution of mild soap and water, if needed.

What household product can I use to clean my computer screen?

Use only water (distilled) or a 50-50 water and white vinegar solution with a microfiber or soft cotton cloth, like an old t-shirt.

Can you use Windex on computer screen?

The Monitor/Display (CRT): Since these displays don’t have a delicate surface that can be damaged by ammonia or alcohol, you can use Windex or other window cleaners to clean the glass screen; spray it on lightly and use a soft cloth (cotton T-shirt or microfiber cloth) to clean dirty monitors.