Quick Answer: How Often Should I Clean Install Windows?

You Don’t Need to Regularly Reinstall Windows; Here’s Why

  • Every six months.
  • Every year.
  • Every couple of years.
  • Whenever things feel stale.
  • When I need to solve a problem that would take longer than a clean install.
  • Only when I upgrade to a major new version.
  • Never.

Is it a good idea to reinstall Windows?

If your Windows system has slowed down and isn’t speeding up no matter how many programs you uninstall, you should consider reinstalling Windows. Reinstalling Windows may often be a faster way to get rid of malware and fix other system issues than actually troubleshooting and repairing the specific problem.

Is it better to do a clean install of Windows 10?

Microsoft doesn’t offer an option to do a clean install if you’re upgrading using Windows Update. The only way to perform a clean install is by manually downloading the Windows 10 installation files. If you choose to keep your files and apps, you will be doing an in-place upgrade.

How often do you reset your PC?

Dr. Lynch recommends doing a hard restart to your PC once a day, or at least once every two or three days, in order to allow Windows to clean up open files, get rid of temp files, and update itself.

How long does a clean install of Windows take?

Generally, the reinstall of Windows takes between 1 and 5 hours. However, there is no exact time for how long it can take to install Microsoft Windows and can vary based on the below factors.