Question: What Is The Difference Between Packaged And Tailored Software?

Custom Software are programs that do not come in the market and get designed specifically to perform a task for a company.

Packaged software is present in the market for everyone to buy and use, whereas custom software is not commercially available and are exclusive to the third parties who want to use them.

What is a packaged software?

Packaged software is a collection of programs that perform similar functions or have similar features. For example, Microsoft Office includes multiple applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. However, purchasing packaged software is often cheaper than purchasing each software program separately.

What is meant by customization a software package?

Customized software also known as tailor-made software is software that is specially developed for organization or other small scale business. It can also be contrasted with the use of some software packages developed for mass market. It is also used to fill the gap in existing software packages.

What are the advantages of packaged software?

Advantages of packaged software solutions

Duplicating such expense to develop similar functionality in custom developed applications, in many cases, is prohibitively expensive. Packaged solutions tend to be far more configurable than custom developed applications.

What are the types of software packages?

Depending on the level of language used there are different types of application software:

  • 1) Word processing software.
  • 2) Spreadsheet Software.
  • 3) Desktop Publishing Software.
  • 4) Database Software.
  • 5) Communication Software.
  • 6) Presentation Software.
  • 7) Internet Browsers.
  • 8) Email Programs.

What is an example of customized software?

Custom software – is the solution that is specially developed for a specific user or organization, which is in contrast with broadly used mass-market software. For example, car manufacturers simply have nowhere to turn to purchase software for the vehicle on-board computer.

What are the most common software programs?

The most common application software programs are used by millions every day and include:

  1. Microsoft suite of products (Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)
  2. Internet browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

What is a example of software?

Examples of system software include operating systems like macOS, GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows, computational science software, game engines, industrial automation, and software as a service applications. Another borderline example is cloud-based software.

What is a custom example?

noun. Custom is defined as a tradition or a usual way to behave. An example of custom is Catholics giving up meat on Fridays during Lent.

What is meant by customized software?

Custom software (also known as bespoke software or tailor-made software) is software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user.

What is packaged solution?

Packaged solutions involve software and/or services tailored to achieve a specific scope of work. For example, a packaged solution for CRM sales might consist of pre-configured software, related implementation services, and training bundled together as a single unit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using open source software?

As it is developed by a non-profit community, it has some disadvantages as well. Open-source software is free to use, distribute, and modify. It has lower costs, and in most cases this is only a fraction of the cost of their proprietary counterparts.

What is readymade software?

Ready-made software, also called commercial software, ranges from Microsoft Office suit to large enterprise applications that perform such tasks as accounting, manufacturing and selling company’s products and services.

What is general purpose software?

General purpose application software is a type of application that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is not limited to one particular function. Examples of General purpose application software include: Word processors, Spreadsheet and Presentation software.

What are examples of shareware?

An example of shareware a compression program like Stuffit for Macs or Windows. An example of shareware is a budgeting software program that only allows you to use three categories instead of having the ability to create a full budget.

What is meant by Web application?

A web application is a software application that runs on a remote server. In most cases, Web browsers are used to access Web applications, over a network, such as the Internet. Some web applications are used in intranets, in companies and schools, for example.