Question: Which Country Has Supercomputer?


Which countries have supercomputers?

Distribution of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world as of June 2019, by country

Number of supercomputers
United States116

6 more rows

Which country has best supercomputer?

China currently dominates the list with 229 supercomputers, leading the second place (United States) by a record margin of 121. Since June 2018, the American Summit is the world’s most powerful supercomputer, reaching 143.5 petaFLOPS on the LINPACK benchmarks.

How many super computers are there in the world?

Since 2017, there are supercomputers which can perform over a hundred quadrillion FLOPS. Since November 2017, all of the world’s fastest 500 supercomputers run Linux-based operating systems.

Which is the super fast computer in the world?

Tianhe-2, aka Milky Way 2

A four-time winner, Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China’s National University of Defense Technology, once more took home the title as the world’s fastest computer, with a performance of 33.86 petaflops (quadrillions of calculations per second) on the Linpack benchmark.